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Rhino Sports of Arkansas is a family oriented company that wants to help your family find what fits best for your backyard, lifestyle, personality and budget.

We began just like you. We were looking for an outdoor activity court for our backyard that would give us quality family time together. We found what we were looking for with Rhino Sports. The customer service, quality and value that we found with Rhino surpassed our experiences with the competition.

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Most of all, we found people that we could trust to help us develop what was in our best interest. We were so excited about the people and the product that we decided to not only purchase a Rhino Court, but to bring Rhino Sports to Arkansas.

Not only will we help you make this an exciting process, but we are also confident that when your friends and neighbors see your new and improved backyard, they will want a Rhino Court for themselves.

Rhino Sports of Arkansas is a family owned and operated franchise. The few people that are not related have been part of our trusted family circle for years.

To become an extended member of the Rhino Sports family, contact Rhino Sports of Arkansas today at (501) 303-0150.

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