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Always have the home court advantage with a basketball court from Rhino Sports™!! We will design and install an indoor or outdoor basketball court that will take your game to the next level.

Whether it is for your gym, community center, church or your own backyard, we can provide you with an indoor or outdoor court designed for the fast action of the game. Our courts are designed to play like a wooden indoor court, but without the hassle and expense of the maintenance. They also surpass the concrete and asphalt courts in traction and shock absorption, therefore giving you a safer playing surface for your muscles and joints.
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Our unique design incorporates its own drain system, allowing water to drain underneath the tiles and off the court so you can play year round! Since it will not fade or warp, you will never need to repaint or resurface your Rhino Court as you would with a concrete or asphalt court. No matter how often you play on it, your court will look like new!

basketball backboards You’ll find that we offer an exceptional product that withstands the test of time. Not only does a Rhino Court surpass concrete and asphalt in safety, but it will also give you years of maintenance-free enjoyment.

Call today (501) 303-0150 to schedule a free consultation to determine what would fit best in your location and in your budget. Hoop it up with a basketball court from Rhino Sports™! Game On!

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